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We create your professional presence in Social Media. We promote your channels and manage advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogs...

Customize your Social Media presence through Web Design, promote your channels through our Community Manager, actions, optimize your Advertising campaigns to make profitable your actions on Social Networks

  • We create your presence on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace ...)
  • If you have videos, pictures ...We personalize your presence on social media networks like Flickr, YouTube, SlideShare...
  • We generate customized source codes to enable users to enlist their web content.
  • Who can be interested in this?
  • Companies that have no current presence on Social Media and other conventional channels or want to improve their presence.
  • Companies / Institutions with long tradition or large customer database, who want to reconnect with former members, customers, prescribers.
  • Content generation, promotion and monitoring of customer channels on Social Media
  • Update of photograph and video channels with content provided
  • This is a work based on Comumunity Manager and journalistic writing among others.
  • Who can be interested in this?
  • Companies that need to have an active presence in Social Media.
  • Companies that need to increase the number of followers in Social Media, creating a new channel of communication with potential customers.
  • Companies that neec to generate or disseminate content for Social Media.
  • Advertising campaigns to drive traffic to your social network presence, drive traffic from your social network to your Website...
  • We create campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, Linkedin...
  • Who can be interested in this?
  • Companies that want to promote their channels in the Social Network.
  • Increase followers on Social Media.
  • Promotion of other content as web advertising (links to website, Microsite, landing page, blog ...), contests, specific actions and lead generation.
  • Measuring your Social Media presence:

    Continuous brand monitoring.


    Impact of presene in Social Media


    Measurement of the message expansion.


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